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Mopping Safety Information


Proper mop maintenance can make your mops last up the 5 times longer and help you do a much better job of cleaning your floors. Here are some simple steps to follow:

Mopping Safety

Safety is an important part of mopping. Safety for the person mopping and people that might be around the immediate area are always at risk when the floors are wet. Some steps to follow while mopping are:

  • Use a Wet Floor Barrier to block off any wet areas.


  • Use safety signs to alert people to hazardous walking conditions.


  • Use a brightly colored mop bucket that people can see from a distance.


  • Use barrier tape to cordon off wet areas.


  • train the person mopping how to properly mop a floor using a mopping system.


By following some of these precautionary measures you will ensure that your employees, clients and customers are safe from mopping related accidents.



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