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Workplace Personal Hygiene


Recommended Supplies and Cleaning Equipment:


Clean, Neat Uniform

Polished Rubber Soled Shoes

Identification Badge

Hair Net


Recommended Method:

Preparation: Cleanliness requires a bath daily and a change to clean underclothing. Use a preparation to prevent body odor. Shave daily. Give teeth and hair proper care every day. Be sure to keep fingernails short and clean. Use cosmetics in moderation. Refrain from heavy scents. If working in a health care facility, it is suggested that minimal or no jewelry be worn to work.

Hand washing: In order to control cross-infection in health care facilities, hands should be washed after performing duties around a patient area, before continuing on to another area, before and after eating and before and after going to the bathroom.

Proper Hand washing: Massage the cleaning agent, preferably and antiseptic hand cleaner, around the fingers, the knuckles and hands. Scrub nails with a brush. Keep hands at a level lower than the elbows when washing to prevent dirty water from running up the arms. Wash vigorously for 15 seconds. Tap water should be running during the process. Dry with paper towel and properly dispose of towel in waste basket. Apply lotion to hands at the end of the shift.

Keep in mind that personal hygiene is important no matter what job is being done. Not only to prevent the growth of bacteria and other organisms on the skin, but as a courtesy to co-workers and patients, students, customers and everybody you might encounter during the work day. And donít forget to clean your janitorial equipment as you would clean yourself.



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